If you have interest in artifacts from our heritage, it's possible to integrated it in your scenery ?

Decorators are all unanimous that the magor piece in your scenery will always be the center of attention. You will notice that in your scenery, your guests will be mostly talking about a Orel Leboeuf decoy, a colorfull Yvon côté bird, an 18th century Quebec armoire with it original color.

Up to you to imagine to integrate your loved piece in your Scenery, our webesite is a must do visit to find the artifact you would like to adopt in your home.

We will be more than pleased to help you with any information you need. Thank you for sharing with your Friends.

Integrate an artifact to your scenery

With today’s life style, I strongly believe that a nice antique piece can easely be integrated in your home.

An Artifact will always find it room in any scenery , whether it’s industriel, Vintage or Mid-Centry-Modern. It’s the best way to revive our grandma’s Armoire (for exemple).

Decorators like harmonising a unique piece in a complete different style.

Horse ready to work | Desmeules 1891-1986

Denis Dusseault, lavaltrie

Chester collectionneur antiquités

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Denis Dusseault, lavaltrie

Integrate an artifact to your scenery

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